Prostate Cancer Journey

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, it’s common to see a number of health professionals with different expertise who work together as a team, called multidisciplinary team (also known as healthcare team). The team includes health professionals such as Oncologists, Urologist, Radiologist, radiotherapist and pathologist, who are involved in diagnosing your cancer, treating your cancer, managing symptoms and side effects, assisting you with your feelings or concerns during your cancer journey. Each team member brings different skills that are important in managing care and in making decisions around your individual needs.


Specialists you might have to deal include

General Practitioner:


Your first port of call, looking after your

day-to-day health problems, coordinating

care for them and providing referrals to

other specialists as necessary



A specialist in treating diseases of the

urinary tract system and male reproductive



Radiation oncologist:

A specialist in the treatment of cancer

using radiation therapy



A doctor who specialises in hormones, body

chemistry and bone density 



Conduts tests to assess the stage and aggresivness of cancer


Nurse ( also known as Urology or Prostate

Care nurse ) :

Provides treatmen, support and assistance

through all treatment stages



Dispensed medications and offers

medication advice



Recommends the best eating plan

while in treatment and recovery




Specialises in movement and function of the body and advises on resuming normal physical activites



Provides help with emotional, social and spiritual changes