Prevention is better than cure. As men get older, the prostate continues to enlarge over time. This can lead to a condition called prostate cancer. Cancer screening is all about looking for cancer before you have any symptoms. And this is the core motive of you get screened “The earlier you find prostate cancer the easier you treat it”. 


In the Arab world early cancer detection is not a common practice. If you want to proactively manage your health the global guidelines recommend:


  • For men who have family history of Prostate Cancer to request their physician for annual screening test from the age of 45
  • For man without family history, recommend age to start screening for prostate cancer is from the age of 55 onwards
  • if you have any symptoms, consults your physician at the soonest


Screening - Dos and Don’ts:


  • Make sure you don't have sex or ejaculate for at least two days before you get the PSA test.  This can affect the result of your PSA level.
  • Make sure to have the PSA test before your rectal exam.  This can affect the result of your PSA test by raising the PSA level.
  • If you are taking any other medication for prostate conditions, make sure to consult your doctor. This can reduce the result of your PSA level.
  • If you are taking oral medications for hair loss, this can alter your PSA results too, make sure to tell your doctor